Journal of Environmental Rheumatology is a new peer-reviewed open access journal aimed to specifically focus its attention on the growing interest of the scientific community for the pivotal role of environmental factors in the pathogenesis, natural history and response to therapy of the rheumatic diseases. It is a spin-off from Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology, a long-established voice of international rheumatology, and as such it will consider both manuscripts initially submitted to Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology and independent direct submission. It follows the same editorial style of the main journal, and accepts various forms of submissions, such as original articles, editorials, reviews, case reports, letters to the Editor, etc. All submitted material will undergo a rigorous peer review process.

The reasons to launch this new Journal of Environmental Rheumatology are outlined in the editorial:

The birth of Environmental Rheumatology - https://doi.org/10.55563/clinexprheumatol/inxgof

To encourage the growth of this journal no publication charges will be applied for the initial 2 years.

Stefano Bombardieri, MD
Maurizio Cutolo, MD

Environmental Rheumatology

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